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Our commitment concentrates in the instance of construction of societies with each of our clients from the good use of the technology, always having the clear objective of collaboration in the projection of its business, breaking the barriers of the geographic distance, using best practices, adding organization and methodology.

To position ourselves like a referrer as suppliers of services of developments in the region.

To integrate ourselves to the processes of our clients, collaborating with each of our professionals in the development of their businesses.

The founders partners before beginning with Elipsys IT built up their experience in the national market as well as in the international market.

Throughout more than 10 years, they have worked in companies like Neoris, Assist, Consultores del Cono Sur and Tecso, taking care of accounts like Cargill, Mosaic, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Citibank, Multi-channel, Group Bugler, Government of Chile, Municipalidad de Rosario, Dreyfus, Petrobras, Cemex or Origen, in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and the United States.